Palestinian Campaigning groups

Stop the Wall — Resources for the international BDS Campaign

BDS Palestine — Palestinian Site to collate signatories for the BDS Call

BDS Movement — A resource for the Global BDS movement

Alternative Information Centre — Joint Israeli/Palestinan anti-occupation organisation

Independent Palestinian Media on the Movement

Electronic Intifada

Independent Middle East Media Centre

International Solidarity Movement

Campaigning groups on BDS in England, Wales and Scotland

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

International Solidarity Movement London

War on Want

Friends of Al Aqsa

Boycott the Israeli Medical Association — UK based network of medical practitioners calling for a boycott of the IMA

Construction Industry Boycott

Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine

Anti Arms

Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Stop Arming Israel

Smash EDO — Campaign against EDO MBM, Brighton based arms company supplying components for the Israeli f-15 and f-16

Disarm DSEI — Campaign to shut down DSEI, Europe’s largest arms fair, held every two years in the EXCEL Centre in Docklands, London

Target Brimar – Campaign to shut down Manchester’s Brimar arms factory,  who sell display units to Israel

Other European Campaigning groups on BDS

European Jews for a Just Peace — EJJP calls for ‘boycott and information campaigns on companies, institutions, organisations and individuals that profit from involvement in the occupation’. EJJP also call for an arms embargo.

International Campaigning groups on BDS

Codepink — US women’s peace group

Tadamon — Canadian based group supporting BDS

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid — Canadian Group Calling for BDS

Adalah-NY — New York based Coalition for Justice in the Middle East

Israeli Campaigning groups on BDS

The WhoProfits Project, The Coalition of Women for Peace. A database of Israeli products and companies

Israeli Coalition Against House Demolitions — Calls for selective divestment from companies profiting from the occupation.

Alternative Information Centre — Joint Israeli/Palestinan anti-occupation organisation calling for BDS.

Gush Shalom — Calls for a boycott of settlement produce.

Tali Shapiro — An Israeli activist.

Boycott from within

Anarchists against the Wall