Corporate Watch will soon be releasing a new book on corporate complicity in Israel’s apartheid policies against Palestinians, providing relevant targets and other useful information for action. You can order an advance copy now by contacting us at

Taking its cue from the 2005 Palestinian call for ‘boycott, divestment and sanctions’ (BDS), the rationale behind the book is simple: to provide a tool and a compass for BDS campaigners by showing them information on Israeli and international companies complicit in Israeli apartheid, occupation and militarism. The book, provisionally titled Targeting Israeli Apartheid: A BDS Handbook, is divided into three parts. The first looks at each sector of the Israeli economy, its relative importance and its corporate protagonists. Part two provides detailed geographical case studies examining the effect of corporate activities in specific areas. The final section focuses on the UK companies complicit in Palestinian suffering, investments in British funds by these companies and those that provide services to universities and local councils. email to order our BDS Handbook